Sunday, July 2, 2017

Route samples for v2

Did you notice there are route samples bundle with GB Maps ギビマップ v2.0.17.0515?

Route samples are located in <your GBMAPS folder>/data/route. Sample file extension is ".TXT".

Route Samples

  1. 1067B5Domestic.txt [1067mm gauge, domestic, BVE5]
  2. 1067OBVE1.txt [1067mm gauge, domestic, OBVE]
  3. 1435B5Dt.txt [1435mm gauge, domestic, BVE5]
  4. 1435B5Sk.txt [1435mm gauge, high speed, BVE5]
  5. 1435B5Sk2.txt [1435mm gauge, high speed, BVE5]
  6. 1435Dobve.txt [1435mm gauge, domestic, OBVE]
  7. 1435Sobve.txt [1435mm gauge, high speed, OBVE]
  8. bve5-basic.txt [1067mm gauge, domestic, BVE5]
  9. obve-basic.txt [1067mm gauge, domestic, OBVE]

How to open route sample data?

  1. Menu ☰ > Maps > Import/Open Map.

Generating BVE5/OpenBVE route samples

There might be some minor bugs in these route samples. You need to manually fix the generated route file.


Karya IT

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