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This program is a simple tool to search for missing object files in BVE route file. You can solve some of broken links, either by ...

  • changing the file reference to another files with similar file name that exist in current BVE data folder.
  • search and copy files with similar file name from any folder into current BVE data folder and then update the files reference again.

You can verify which files that fit as a replacement, before updating and save the changes.

Note: This software only relocate files that exist on your computer. If the missing file really does not exist on your computer, you need to Google Search and download it's from the Internet.

Only for BVE2/ BVE4 route. OpenBVE can run BVE2/ BVE4 route in legacy mode.

BVE 5  / OpenBVE route are not supported at the moment.

How to run? Download > Unzip with 7-zip utilities > Run program BVE Object Files Relocater.exe

Example 1: running BVE2 route in OpenBVE. In this case, object files exist but located at different folder.



Example 2: Missing file in BVE 4 route



Searching for missing objects in BVE route file.

  • Run BVE Object Files Relocater.exe.




  • click browse button to open BVE route file


  • missing object ...


  • click the missing object in the list and click search button.


  • if alternate object files found, choose the best that match the missing object.


  • click Apply button to apply changes. repeat the steps for other missing object.
  • changes is not saved until you click the save button. after finish, click the save button to save the changes.


  • done. in this example, a few missing object cannot be solved. some of the files name are wrong, correcting the file names, will fix the problem.







Download (BVE Object Files Relocater.7z ; 1.83 MB ; compressed in 7-zip format )

System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (x86 @ x64bit)
  • .NET Framework 4
  • BVE2 / BVE4 / OpenBVE (legacy mode)
  • 7zip (7-Zip is open source software, freeware) Download link :

Software Developer : Karya IT


Sorry 4 bad english, ha, ha, ha ....


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  1. Very useful software. Fixed my JR Tozai route data a little bit but i was finally able to make the route usable in BVE 5 through conversion.