GB Maps ギビマップ v2.0.17.0515 - Released

Please refer to this post,
Last updated : 16 May 2017

“Nightly builds” released 2017-02-24 

Last updated : 25 February 2017

"Nightly builds" released (v1.2)

Last updated : 13 August 2016

All previous versions (below) are no longer functional due to changes in the latest version of Google Maps JavaScript API.

GB Maps ギビマップ v1.1 - Released

  1. 7z format :  gbmaps v1.1.7z   download  (192.53 MB) OR
  2. exe (SFX archive) : gbmaps v1.1.exe   download  (192.68 MB)

7-Zip file archiver is required to unzip 7z format, download here :

Last updated : 17 November 2014 (GMT 8+).

Bugs fix for v1.1

(last updated : 17 November 2014)

Please replace these script files in script folder (..\.gbmaps v1.1\script\) with this updated version :

  1. gbm-func-v1.js (v1.1.5) : 
  2. gbm-conv-bve5-v1.js (v1.1.5) : 
  3. conv-openbve-v1.js (v1.1.5) : 
  4. gbm-base-v1.js (v1.1.5) : 
  5. gbm-jq-v1.js (v1.1.5) : 

Note : those who download on 17 November 2014 or later, is not affected.

change log details :

Sample Route

  1. Huluselangor Line v1.0.0 [OpenBVE] : 

Old Prototype version

  1. GB Maps (main program, prototype 3) :
  2. GB Maps Tools :
  3. GB Maps Tools (railset generator) :
  4. BVE objects :


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    1. Please refer to the following pages: / 以下のページを参照してください。


      or from help menu (english only), Help > Manual.

  2. ****I am Japanese. My English might be wrong.****
    I wanna translate English to Japanese in this project.
    But I sometimes made mistakes and I can't understand Malay.
    If you have to allow this proposal,Please contact for me.
    email address:

    ****I found****
    chrome can't use local cookies now.So,I think this application can use only Firefox.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Your translation proposal is most welcome. ^_^

      Actually, you don't need to ask permission for the proposal, because permission had already been given as specified in the terms of the "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License".

      About how to enable cookies locally on the browser Chrome, maybe I should post a more detailed tips about it on this blog. At the moment you can refer to this post ...


      Or specifically this picture."

      About how to enable cookies in Chrome, maybe this link will help.

      Google translate:

      実際に、あなたは「Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License」の用語に指定されているアクセス許可が既に与えられていたので、提案のための許可を求める必要はありません。




      Bing transtate:

      実際には、する必要はありませんの提案のための許可を求める権限を既に与えられていたため「Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License」の条件で指定しました。

      ローカル ブラウザー クロム、多分このブログでそれについてのより詳細なヒントを投稿してくださいクッキーを有効にする方法。現時点では、この記事を参照できます.


      Chrome は、このリンクを助けるかもしれないで cookie を有効にする方法。