Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thanks for waiting, here is a new release for GB Maps ギビマップ application. Current version is v2.0.17.0515. Starting onward, GB Maps version will be written in the following format:

v<major version> . <minor version> . <YY> . <MMDD>

where YY.MMDD is a release date.

Download Here

7z SFX achieve [213MB]: gbmaps v2.0.17.0515.exe   or https://www.mediafire.com/?n0y0d2zq7cc86mt
7z format [213MB] : gbmaps v2.0.17.0515.7z    or https://www.mediafire.com/?d9ntqijm2j37qrt

Individual file (main program only)

System requirement

run as standalone

  • Firefox only

  • run on local web server (localhost)

  • Firefox, Chrome
  • web server application
  • [http://gbmaps.karyait.net.my/2016/04/running-gb-maps-with-local-web-server.html]

  • PC running Windows 7 / Window 8 / Windows 10

  • What's New?

  • different page for BVE5 Trainsim and OpenBVE
  • simplified layout
  • large icon with description on InfoWindows popup
  • larger working area
  • autotranslate via Google Translate or Bing Translate widget
  • subway route
  • vertical curve for BVE5
  • new algorithm for BVE 5 Trainsim route generator
  • etc …

  • New Layout
    run on Firefox
    run on Chrome
    Multi Language support via built-in widget
    Google Translate
    New infowindows menu for marker with common icon



  • update details (partial)
    - add new insert subway (manual) dialog
    - fix some dialog windows : overpass, tunnel, track switching
    - update insert river dialog
    - add preview for RC dialog
    - add placeholder tag for some input field
    - new insert subway functions
    - fix overpass, vertical curve start and end
    - fix river function, with new algorithm. add riverBankEnd
    - add RC preview in insert road crossing dialog
    - fix bve5 / obve data incompatibilities
    - fix some dialog windows size
    - fix some spinner buttons properties
    - fix pole algorithm for bve5
    - fix pitch not update in marker setting dialog
    - remove cubic parabola in transition curve function
    - fix overlap issue for some structure
    - replace .kdata.undergroud to .kdata.subway
    - new subway code generator
    - fix pitch bugs, due to new data format for bve5
    - new menu for insert subway
    - new info windows layout and style
    - larger icon
    - new icon for info window menu
    - fix overpass generator
    - update river code generator
    - update platform generator
    - new and bugs fix for pole and overhead wire
    - bugs fix for marker setting
    - add subway function subwaySlopeLengthStart, subwaySlopeLengthEnd, fI_SW
    - fix bve5/obve data incompatibilities in getObjectImage
    - add riverWidthCalc function
    - update some info windows
    - change kdata.underground to kdata.subway
    - update new marker icon for structures
    - add rivernote in fI_Rv function
    - fix dms_pitch update in marker setting
    - remove cubic parabola in transition curve function
    - fix undefined rail key in generated bve5 code
    - fix whitespace bugs in data structure
    - fix rail guard bugs for BVE5 code generator
    - fix shortcut key not working in GB tools for openbve structure
    - fix structure preview of subway is missing in GB Tools

  • Installation / Basic Setup

    download right comprimidos_zip right document_code_html right preferences_certificates right pencil
    Open File
    Ready for use
    To run on local web server, please read previous post : http://gbmaps.karyait.net.my/2016/04/running-gb-maps-with-local-web-server.html

    Basic Configuration

    Basic configuration basically is same as previous version.


    Additional Tool

    GB Maps include additional tools in “tools” folder. This files is Windows executable file, you need .NET Framework 4.5 or later to run this application.
    A) BVE5 XML Parser
    • finishing step in creating BVE5 route based on XML data generated by GB Maps
    • create BVE5 Trainsim scenarios data in Bvets\Scenarios folder.

    B) OpenBVE/BVE structure files
    • this application will copies OpenBVE structure files from GB Maps folder to your OpenBVE object folder.

    C) GBM Tools for BVE5 structures
    • create your own structure libraries for GB Maps
    • predefined structure files included in “data\structure” folder :
      ..\data\structure\bve5-1067mm-domestik.csv ,
      ..\data\structure\bve5-1435mm-domestik.csv ,
    • data file extension is .csv
    • you need to generate .js file and save the file in script folder.
    • predefined bve5 structures script files included :
      - bve5-1435mm-shinkansen.js
      - bve5-1435mm-domestik.js
      - bve5-1067mm-domestik.js
    • multi language ready
    • shortcut key <ctrl+o>, <ctrl+s>, <F1>, <ctrl+F9> and left/right key to move to next tab page.

    C) GBM Tools for BVE5 structures
    • create your own structure libraries for GB Maps, BVE5 and OpenBVE data is not compitable.
    • predefined structure files included in “data\structure” folder :
      ..\data\structure\obve-1067mm-domestik.txt ,
      ..\data\structure\obve-1435mm-domestik.txt ,
    • data file extension is .txt
    • you need to generate .js file and save the file in script folder.
    • predefined bve5 structures script files included :
      - obve-1067mm-domestik.js
      - obve-1435mm-domestik.js
      - obve-1435mm-shinkansen.js
    • multi language ready
    • shortcut key <ctrl+o>, <ctrl+s>, <F1>, <ctrl+F9> and left/right key to move to next tab page.

    SketchUp Model for BVE5 Structure

    • You can create your on structure model with sketchup.
    • You need two version of SketchUp,
      - Sketchup Make latest version to import/share model
      - Google SketchUp v8 and “MMD accessory (.X File) Exporter, for converting SketchUp model to .X file. The main reason we need older version of SketchUp because this plugin does not compatible with newer version of SketchUp.
    • Text size, width/height must be in 2n (2 x 2 x 2 ….. n times), for example : 32x32, 128x64, 256x256, 1024x128. Otherwise texture of DirectX file (.X) will not be render properly in simulator/games.
    • To import model latest version of SketchUp, search for “BVE Trainsim”, “GB Maps” or “ギビマップ” in SketchUp 3D Warehouse

    Source Code & Development GIT


    Current Issue

    • bugs for vertical curve cross over between polyline and transition curve, where previous vertical curve on different line does not recognize
    • vertical curve overlap still not implement 
    • subway structure for elevated range still not implement 
    • non parallel line, with different curve/gradient structure from main line, still not implement. currently non parallel line look distort
    • some bugs on current linked non parallel line.
    • structures on other line still not implement.

    Updated application usage/how to …  will be post on next article.


    Karya IT

    GB Maps ギビマップ - © Karya IT 2012-2017. All rights reserved. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.Creative Commons License

    GB Maps ギビマップ by Karya IT is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at https://github.com/karyait/gbmaps/tree/v2. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://developers.google.com/readme/terms. Google Maps - ©2017 Google.


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