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BVE5 Trainsim structure might be easier to create, compare to the older version of BVE (including OpenBVE).  BVE5 Trainsim use Direct3D object (.x) format. It is a simple file containing geometry meshes and material information that can be viewed in the DirectX Viewer. For more information about Direct3D file format, please refer to or

Direct3D object can be create using 3D modeling software, and then converted to .X format using specific extensions or plugin. Here, we are using two versions of SketchUp for this purpose.

What you need?

  • Google Sketchup v8 and MMD accessory (.X File) Exporters
  • ImageMagic latest version (software requirement for MMD accessory (.X File) Exporter)
  • alternately you can use 3D Rad (but the generated .x structure seems a bit darker compare to .x structure generated by MMD accessory (.X File) Exporter
all of above software is a freeware. Paid version is Google Sketchup 8 Pro.
we also need the latest version of SketchUp make in order to download others model or share your model to 3D Werehouse. the main reason we are using an older version of Sketchup, because both of the plugins/extension does not compatible with newer version of Sketchup.Crying face

If I am not mistaken, there is a paid version of .x file converter that compitable with latest version of SketchUp.

Open-mouthed smile Oh! I almost forgot to mention, we also need .x file viewer to view .x file.

Download link


Google SketchUp 8

2017-05-20 18_30_46-Google SketchUp 8 Setup

2017-05-20 18_32_46-Welcome to SketchUp

2017-05-20 18_33_12-Welcome to SketchUp

2017-05-20 18_33_34-SketchUp Update Service

2017-05-20 18_34_04-Untitled - SketchUp


2017-05-20 18_35_40-Setup - ImageMagick 7.0.5 Q16 (64-bit)

Don’t forget to select “Install legacy utilities (e.g. convert)”

2017-05-20 18_36_05-Setup - ImageMagick 7.0.5 Q16 (64-bit)

Installing plugin files

MMD accessory (.X File) Exporter

  • extract zip file and copy this files to plugins folder.

3D Rad

  • copy “3DRadExporter.rbs” to SketchUp plugins folder.
2017-05-20 18_54_28-Plugins

MMD accessory (.X File) Exporters Plugin configuration

  • Open file MMDExporter_config.rb with your text editor.
2017-05-20 18_43_42-C__Program Files (x86)_Google_Google SketchUp 8_Plugins_MMDExporter_config.rb -

  • Get ImageMagick folder location and copy this location.
2017-05-20 18_45_13-ImageMagick-7.0.5-Q16

2017-05-20 18_45_27-convert.exe Properties
  • Replace default ImageMagickdir with your folder location
2017-05-20 18_47_30-_C__Program Files (x86)_Google_Google SketchUp 8_Plugins_MMDExporter_config.rb -
  • Restart SketchUp 8, plugins menu should appear in SketchUp.
2017-05-20 18_55_30-Greenshot

Importing model from 3D Warehouse with SketchUp Make 201x

Running SketchUp Make, e.g.
2017-05-20 18_57_17-Welcome to SketchUp

2017-05-20 19_01_09-Greenshot

2017-05-20 19_01_26-Greenshot

2017-05-20 19_02_32-Greenshot

2017-05-20 21_16_07-3D Warehouse

2017-05-20 21_21_00-Greenshot

  • save model as SketchUp ver 8

2017-05-20 21_19_56-Greenshot
  • Close the file.

Converting to .X format

  • Reopen the file with Sketchup 8.
2017-05-20 18_58_00-Greenshot
  • Select All, <Ctrl+A>
2017-05-20 18_58_11-Greenshot
  • converting with MMD accessory (.X files) Exporter, Plugins > MMD accessory (.X File) Exporter. we need to change default setting as below.
2017-05-20 18_58_25-MMD accessory (.X File) Exporter

2017-05-20 18_58_57-MMD accessory (.X File) Exporter
  • Click Export .X File to start converting. done.
2017-05-20 18_59_12-MMD accessory (.X File) Exporter
  • 3D Rad got simpler step, but output texture seems darker or too dark. Confused smile
2017-05-20 18_59_39-Greenshot

2017-05-20 19_00_04-Greenshot

2017-05-20 19_00_18-SketchUp

Preview with .X file viewer

pole structure generated by MMD Exporter
2017-05-20 21_40_39-Open 3D Model Viewer  [F__Google Drive_sketchup_poles_v8_opoleL-MMD.x]

pole structure generated by 3D Rad exporter

2017-05-20 21_40_52-Open 3D Model Viewer  [F__Google Drive_sketchup_poles_v8_opoleL-3drad.x]

Generated .X file in action

pole structure generated by MMD Exporter

2017-05-20 21_48_57-Bve trainsim

pole structure generated by 3D Rad exporter

2017-05-20 21_49_48-Bve trainsim

Please take note, texture size should be in 2n (2 x 2 x 2 ….. n times), for example : 16x16, 16x32, 32x16, 32x32, 128x64, 256x256, 1024 x 128 pixels, etc…. Otherwise texture of BVE structure will not be rendered properly.

to be continued …


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