Saturday, May 20, 2017


BVE5 Trainsim structure might be easier to create, compare to the older version of BVE (including OpenBVE).  BVE5 Trainsim use Direct3D object (.x) format. It is a simple file containing geometry meshes and material information that can be viewed in the DirectX Viewer. For more information about Direct3D file format, please refer to or

Direct3D object can be create using 3D modeling software, and then converted to .X format using specific extensions or plugin. Here, we are using two versions of SketchUp for this purpose.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thanks for waiting, here is a new release for GB Maps ギビマップ application. Current version is v2.0.17.0515. Starting onward, GB Maps version will be written in the following format:

v<major version> . <minor version> . <YY> . <MMDD>

where YY.MMDD is a release date.