Saturday, February 25, 2017

“Nightly builds” released 2017-02-24

I am sorry for having kept you waiting for so long, here is another “nightly build” released. There only minor changes for OpenBVE/older BVE route builder in this released. Major changes are for BVE 5 Trainsim route builder, but it’s still far from complete and might not stable.

Please take note, this version is still under development, so it’s might not work as expected.
What’s new?
  • new clean layout
  • larger working area
  • different page for OpenBVE and BVE5 Trainsim
  • optional built-in Google Translate / Bing Translate (disable by default in this release)
BVE 5 Trainsim specific update
  • newer GB Maps Tools for BVE5 Trainsim route builder (multi language ready)
  • vertical curve implementation
  • newer BVE5 Trainsim route generator, newer algorithm optimize for BVE 5 Trainsim code syntax (incomplete @ still far from complete)
  • under ground track (still far from complete)
  • new .x objects that created with Sketchup (incomplete)
This released is planned for version 2.
Download link : (205 MB)
Development link :

Run on local web server

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  1. bugs fix for this released (2017-03-16)

    - update version
    - reenable shortlist for curve rail type in OpenBVE
    - fix start & end offset value for duplicate whole line, always = offset value

    - update version
    - fix overhead wire tilt value
    - fix new overhead wire algorithm

    ..\tools\bve5\GB Maps - ギビマップ Tools for BVE 5 Structures.exe
    - update version
    - Fix default value for repeating structures

  2. Hope the bugs of this version will soonly be fixed. This software can become very useful with a little bit of work on it.