Saturday, August 13, 2016

“Nightly builds” released – v1.2


This version is under development, it might not stable. You can use this version as the existing version is no longer functional due to changes in the latest version of Google Maps JavaScript API. However, it should be noted the following feature is being developed and is not yet available.
  • vertical curve for BVE5 Trainsim (including distance correction).
  • underground feature
Therefore if you develop route for BVE5 Trainsim, please use legacy gradient only.

Download complete archives

Download link:

OR Download updated files only (for v1.1 user)

Download link :

what to do?
  • replace existing “index.html” in root folder
  • replace this files in script folder
  • replace “gb maps.css” in css folder

Run on local web server

Please refer to the previous post,

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