Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Running GB Maps with local web server

Did you know that GB Maps can be run using a local web server, i.e. localhost? With this you can now use Google Chrome because there is no more restriction of local cache.
You can use any web server engine, e.g. Apache, Nginx, MS IIS, and etc. You can also use a small web server, such as BabyWeb.
Choose any web server :

A) XAMPP (Apache Web Server + MySQL + PHP + etc)

Download size : 108MB~118MB [https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html]
Installation is required.
Usage : very easy
Issue running GB Maps : none

B) Nginx Web Server

No installation required and small download size, about 1.3Mb. [http://nginx.org/en/download.html]
Usage : Running application might a bit difficult for novice. Other solution is WTServer, a XAMPP like package for Nginx.
Issue running GB Maps : none

C) WTServer (Nginx + PHP + MariaDB + etc)

Download size : 82.4MB [http://wtserver.wtriple.com/ | https://sourceforge.net/projects/wtnmp/files/latest/download]
Installation is required.
Usage : very easy
Issue running GB Maps : none

D) MS IIS (Internet Information Server)

Pre built with Windows 10/8.
Just enable the feature, might a bit difficult for novice.
Usage : startup might a bit difficult for novice
Issue running GB Maps : URL encoding, + symbol in file name was invalid. Need to rename some of files name and update link in script file.

E) Babyweb Server (IIS like web server)

Download size : 90 KB (very small) [http://www.pablosoftwaresolutions.com/html/baby_web_server.html]
Installation not required.
Usage : very easy
Issue running GB Maps : URL encoding, + symbol in file name was invalid. Need to rename some of files name and update link in script file.

How to Run local web Server?

1 download Download web server application
2 gnome_app_install Install or unzip
3 window_enter Run web server application
4 stock_folder_copy Copy GB Maps files to the appropriate folder.
5 service_manager Configure GB Maps as a new installation.
6 camera_test Test and Run GB Maps.

Setting up GB Maps


  • copy GB Maps folder to [DRIVE]:\XAMPP\htdocs, and rename GB Maps folder if necessary.
  • run XAMPP Control panel and run Apache web server (Start).
  • Open your web browser and browse to http://localhost/<your gb maps folder>, for example:
Additional reading :


  • copy GB Maps files to “html” folder in Nginx folder, and replace original index.html with GB Maps index.html.
  • run Nginx web server via Command Prompt.
  • Open your web browser and browse to http://localhost/.
  • To stop nginx, type nginx –s stop at command prompt and enter
nginx/Windows runs as a standard console application (not a service), and it can be managed using the following commands:
nginx -s stop
fast shutdown
nginx -s quit
graceful shutdown
nginx -s reload
changing configuration, starting new worker processes with a new configuration, graceful shutdown of old worker processes
nginx -s reopen
re-opening log files

Additional reading


  • click Search and enter “turn Windows features on or off” in search box.
  • select Internet Information Services, additional option as below and then tap or click OK.
  • run IIS Manager (Start > All Apps > W > Windows Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager).
  • change Default website basic setting as below.
  • Start or Restart web server.
  • Open your web browser and browse to http://localhost/

Additional reading:

Babyweb Server

  • Run BabyWeb Server
  • Click setting, set Web Pages to your GB Maps folder. Click OK and then Start.
Additional reading

How to fix broken URL due to encoding issue in IIS or Baby Web Server?

  1. Open “images” folder in your gb maps folder.
  2. Rename image file “+ paralel line.png” to “add_parallel_line.png”, and “line+point.png” to “lineAddpoint.png”.
  3. Open index.html, script\gbm-base-v1.js, and script\gbm-func-v1.js with your Text editor. i.e : Notepad++
  4. Find and replace, “+ paralel line.png” with “add_parallel_line.png”, and “line+point.png” with “lineAddpoint.png” (Replace All). For example:

Don’t forget to configure your GB Maps! ^_^

Suggestion for Default Values
Default for Conventional Line
gauge default cant default offset/ track gap
1067 mm gauge (japan) 105mm 3.8 m
1435 mm gauge (japan) 105mm 3.8 m

Default for High Speed Line/Shinkansen
gauge default cant default offset/ track gap
1435 mm gauge (japan) 200mm 4.5 m
Note : To use the built-in or custom objects, you must set the data file to be used (BVE structure list).

BVE structure list

  • Set default values and your ID.
  • Set the data file to be used in the BVE structure list.
bve str list setup
Please reload page to activate the changes. After reload, please check "BVE Structures" side menu on the right.

How to Use?

Please refer to the user guide in GB Maps. Help > Manual. [English]

Good luck!

GB Maps ギビマップ - © Karya IT 2012-2014. All rights reserved. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.Creative Commons LicenseGB Maps ギビマップ by Karya IT is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work athttps://code.google.com/p/gbmaps/. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available athttps://developers.google.com/readme/terms. Google Maps - ©2014 Google.


  1. Bad news, Google once again make drastic changes in the latest version Google Maps Javascript API v3.x and cause code previously stable, is now defunct. >_<

    The cause of the problem has been identified ...

    var e = new google.maps.LatLng (LatLngDataType) [no longer valid >_< ]

    replaced with a new constructor ..

    var e = new google.maps.LatLng (LatLngDataType.lat () as a numeric value, LatLngDataType.lng () as numeric value) [o_o]

    However, to correct this program, I may not be able to complete in the near future. I am really sorry! m(-_-)m

    New features proposed for BVE5
    - Vertical curve
    - And correcting code generation for "Ground"
    - subway

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