Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bagaimana hendak mencipta objek DirectX (.x) untuk BVE 5 Trainsim?



example : trenlaju utara line (under construction) @ fictitious high speed train

shinkansen rolling stock and high speed pole adapted from RailSim2 plugin.

3D modeling software

DirextX object viewer

Please take note OpenBVE Object Viewer/Structure Viewer has limited support for DirectX objects ".x". It may not be able to render DirectX objects properly or it may totally fail to render DirectX objects.


Tutorial / Additional Reading

RailSim2 plugin (modification is required to work with BVE 5 Trainsim)

Thank you / Terima Kasih / 有り難うございます。

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  1. Once upon a time I tried to do something similar to advice that your wrote in your tutorial, but it was so hard for me that I even coulndt do 25% of that... I think its time to do it again, sincere hope that this time I can do everything right! But firstly I will download DirectX from this useful service that my friend who works in IT sphere recommended me!