• Draw, Edit and Generate BVE Route easily!

    Lukis, Sunting dan Janakan Laluan BVE dengan mudah! / 描画、編集、生成の BVE ルート簡単に !

  • Create Double Tracks

    Cipta Trek Berkembar / ダブルトラックを作成

  • Create Curve Or Transition Curve

    Cipta Lengkung Biasa Atau Lengkung Peralihan / 曲線または遷移曲線を作成

  • Insert Predefined Structures

    Masukkan Struktur Tertaktif / 定義済みの構造を挿入します

  • Track Elevation with Predefined Structures

    Elavasi Trek bersama Struktur Tertakrif / 定義済みの構造と標高を追跡します

  • Platform Template

    Templat platform / プラットフォームのテンプレート

  • Switch Map Views

    Tukar Paparan Peta / マップビューを切り替える

  • Generate Route File

    Menjana Fail Laluan / ルートファイルの生成

  • Gauge Flexibility*

    Fleksibiliti Tolok* / *柔軟性ゲージ

  • Now you can create BVE5 route more easily!

    Kini anda boleh mencipta laluan BVE5 dengan lebih mudah! / 今、あなたはさらに容易BVE5ルートを作成することができます!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I am sorry for having kept you waiting for so long, here is another “nightly build” released. There only minor changes for OpenBVE/older BVE route builder in this released. Major changes are for BVE 5 Trainsim route builder, but it’s still far from complete and might not stable.

Please take note, this version is still under development, so it’s might not work as expected.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

“Nightly builds” released – v1.2


This version is under development, it might not stable. You can use this version as the existing version is no longer functional due to changes in the latest version of Google Maps JavaScript API. However, it should be noted the following feature is being developed and is not yet available.
  • vertical curve for BVE5 Trainsim (including distance correction).
  • underground feature
Therefore if you develop route for BVE5 Trainsim, please use legacy gradient only.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vertical Curve



Vertical curve is the curve in vertical layout to connect two track gradients together whether it is for changing from an upgrade to a downgrade (summit), changing from a downgrade to an upgrade (sag or valley), changing in two levels of upgrades or changing in two levels of downgrades.wikipedia


勾配が変化する地点において、一点で突然勾配を変化させると路線に「折れ」が生じてしまい、走行性を阻害したり、路面に車両の底が接触したりするなど好ましくない。そこで、勾配の変化点では縦断方向に曲線を挿入し、徐々に勾配を変化させる。この曲線を縦断曲線、または英語表記からバーチカル・カーブ(vertical curve)と呼び、とくに鉄道においては縦曲線と呼ぶ[2]。縦断曲線は二次曲線(放物線)が用いられるが、円弧で近似できるため、半径を用いてその大きさを表す。wikipedia


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Running GB Maps with local web server

Did you know that GB Maps can be run using a local web server, i.e. localhost? With this you can now use Google Chrome because there is no more restriction of local cache.
You can use any web server engine, e.g. Apache, Nginx, MS IIS, and etc. You can also use a small web server, such as BabyWeb.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

If you are a software developer, and interested in improving the software, below are links to source code of additional software. The software was written in Microsoft Visual Basic and the program folder was compressed in the zip format.

Monday, May 4, 2015

pengenalan semula/再導入

How to create a BVE route using GB Maps ギビマップ?
Bagaimana hendak mencipta laluan BVE menggunakan GB Maps ギビマップ?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

pengenalan semula / 再導入


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bagaimana hendak mencipta objek DirectX (.x) untuk BVE 5 Trainsim?



example : trenlaju utara line (under construction) @ fictitious high speed train

shinkansen rolling stock and high speed pole adapted from RailSim2 plugin.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

GB Maps ギビマップ v1.1 - Released

الحمد لله ... Finally, GB Maps ギビマップ was completed after nearly three years of development. Thank you for waiting.
الحمد لله…  Akhirnya program GB Maps ギビマップ ini disiapkan setelah hampir tiga tahun ia dibangunkan. Terima kasih kerana menunggu.
الحمد لله…  最後に、GB Maps ギビマップは、開発のほぼ3年後に完成した。待機していただきありがとうございます。

What's new?

  • BVE 5 Trainsim code generator
  • Programs and structure files does not need to be downloaded separately, it was packed in a single package.
  • Additional Tools (in "tools" folder) : "GB Maps - ギビマップ Tools for BVE 5 Structures", "GB Maps - ギビマップ Tools for OpenBVE Structures", "GB Maps - BVE5 XML Parser", and "GB Maps - OpenBVE Structure Files" (openbve structure files installer).
  • some minor bugs fixed.

Apa yang baru?

  • penjana kod untuk BVE 5 Trainsim
  • Program dan fail-fail struktur tidak perlu dimuat turun secara berasingan, ia telah dipekkan dalam satu pakej tunggal.
  • Alatan tambahan (dalam folder "tools") : "GB Maps - ギビマップ Tools for BVE 5 Structures", "GB Maps - ギビマップ Tools for OpenBVE Structures", "GB Maps - BVE5 XML Parser", and "GB Maps - OpenBVE Structure Files" (pemasangan fail2 struktur openbve).
  • beberapa pembetulan pepijat minor.


  • BVE5 Trainsimコードジェネレータ。
  • プログラムおよび構造ファイルは別途ダウンロードする必要がない。これは、単一のパッケージに詰めた。
  • (「tools」フォルダ内の)追加のツール:"GB Maps - ギビマップ Tools for BVE 5 Structures", "GB Maps - ギビマップ Tools for OpenBVE Structures", "GB Maps - BVE5 XML Parser", と"GB Maps - OpenBVE Structure Files" (openbve構造ファイルインストーラ)
  • いくつかのマイナーバグが修正。

Thursday, September 18, 2014

This version is now obsolete, please use the latest version instead.
Versi ini sudah lapuk, sebaliknya sila gunakan versi terkini.

GB Maps ギビマップ v1.0.0 - Development Release (β1) is available now.
GB Maps ギビマップ v1.0.0 - Siaran Pembangunan (β1) boleh didapati sekarang.
GB Maps ギビマップ v1.0.0 - 開発リリース(β1)が利用可能になりました。